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Antique Clocks from Time Machine Clocks
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Welcome to Time Machine Clocks. We sell Antique mechanical clocks which are sourced from tried and trusted clients and well established businesses. We sometimes include vintage clocks and even modern clocks. Our main priority is to present what we feel the clock buyer is looking for and what we feel are good examples of each genre.

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Why Purchase From Us View Why Purchase From Us Section Why Purchase From Us

As a potential customer you need good reasons to buy from Time Machine Clocks. We are certified Antique dealers and have a long standing presence in the online retail community. Please check out why we think you have good reasons to buy from us.

Clock Garniture Sets View Clock Garniture Sets Section Clock Garniture Sets
At Time Machine Clocks we take care when sourcing our Garniture Sets to ensure that they are fine and exquisite examples of their genre, making them a joy for you to own and display in your home.  Like our antique clocks, most of the models are French designs from the 18th and 19th centuries, but excellent examples of British and other European garniture sets are frequently available.

Clocks View Clocks Section Clocks
Time Machine Clocks are proud of their wide selection of anique clocks, which includes Mantel and Carriage clocks and, occasionally, Wall and Grandfather clocks, and are equally proud of their more modern counterparts as well.  Many of the clocks on display are exquisite French designs from the 18th & 19th century, all of which have been obtained from highly reputable sources.  All clocks are in full working order and, apart from normal wear and tear due to their age, most are superb examples of their time.

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