Life Journey of an Antique French Bronze Clock
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Written & Published by Time Machine Antique Clocks
The date is 1873, Ulysses S. Grant had just taken his oath as President of the United States for a second term. Meanwhile, back in France just after it's second Empire period had ended, something very special was being made. Not special because of it's vast cost or even it's rarity, but rather a special item that would begin a journey of 141 years.

This journey starts at a clockmaker's in the Paris region where many well known French clockmaker's were based. A bronze ormolu mantel clock in Roccoco design with exquisite Champleve enamel sections. Light glistening and twinkling like stars in the heavens and giving it's glorious display and ready to be purchased by the next waiting customer.

Into it's new home it goes and there it stands on the centre of the fireplace mantle just below a Gesso gilt mirror. The pendulum swings for the first time as it is wound up ready to work for a week before the next wind is due. Striking it's sweet ringing bell on the half and full hour counting the hours each day and night.

Years go by and there it stands faithfully displaying the time of day and regularly getting glances from the passing family and friends. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock, the pendulum swings back and fore quietly soothing the silence in a relaxed room with a mesmerising hypnotic tone.

World War I comes and goes, the tick tock no longer sounds but it still stands on the centre of the mantel only not like 1873. Darker and darker the ormolu gets, just enough to show a shadow of what it was. Off it goes, into the loft to join the rest of the hoard as something else has taken pride of place on the coveted mantel.

World War II quickly comes but darker and darker the clock is getting not even a thought or incline of it's existence as it awaits it's time in that dusty and dirty loft.

It's 1973, a century old, yes, 100 years since the day it was made but who will care and who will know. The sound of footsteps, opening the hatch, someone at last to end the loneliness, to clean it up, to make it work and display it once more. Sadly though, it was not to be, a clear out chore by strangers who need the attic for an added bedroom. So off it goes to the auction for sale. An elderly gent who buys it halfheartedly for a project one day but he never does as he has many on wait.

The millennium comes and it's 2014 and time for a Fair to offload some projects. Along comes a gent who looks at the clock all dirty and black and all on it's own. He goes to walk past but stops just ahead and turns his head towards it. What can he see? He see's the clock in all it's glory just at the start and off he goes with clock in hand. He strips out the movement and strips down the case. He lovingly and sympathetically cleans all the grime and years of tarnish and hand cleans each part until it's ready to be re-born.

There it is, twinkling once more and giving the time and standing there in pride of place right there on the fireplace mantel. One hundred and forty one years old and looking forward to the rest of it's journey

Written & Published by Time Machine Antique Clocks

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