Antique Bracket Clock - Size Certainly Does Matter
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They say in the Antique clock world that size does'ent matter and I would certainly agree with that. But when you have a mixture of very high quality, rarity and excellent condition, size certainly does matter.

I am referring to a certain Victorian 19th century bracket board room clock and fully matching table stand. Gigantic proportions here, measuring 92.5" tall, thats 7ft & 8.5 inches tall, magnificent! The clock measures 45" tall x 27" wide, the table measures 47.5" tall x 34" wide x 17" deep. To give you an idea of it's monumental size, if you were standing right in front of it, you would be looking almost straight up to the see the top.

Let's see if it passes the test of quality, rarity and condition:

Well, you don't have to inspect it for very long before it becomes apparent of its vastly superior workmanship. Solid warm English medium oak case with outstanding patination. Beautiful elaborate carvings and mouldings. Exceptional fretwork sounding panels on the sides. Glazed front door and exquisite silvered arched dial with sub dial adjusters and chime switches. The movement being no less than expected. Constructed in heavy duty thick plate brass in oversized dimensions. Playing a beautiful musical Whittington chimes on a nest of graduated bells or playing the Westminster chimes on a row of coiled gongs. Driven by three fusee spring barrel trains and incorporating its heavy fusee pendulum.

A unique, possibly one off clock making it fly the test of rarity and as of writing, not another clock in its class or size available anywhere on the worldwide web.

Condition is amazing! Everything working as it should with no damages or major scuffs or tattiness. Have a glowing patination and looking like it's ready for its next 120 years or so.

It is no wonder that the Victorian retail company Maple & co decided to put its name right in the middle of the dial, after all they were well known for retailing top quality products back then.

Somewhere out there is a prized place waiting for this monumental horological masterpiece, maybe a stately home, a public foyer or even a palace, but one thing's for sure, when it gets there it will impress on a grand scale and many conversations will be started by its very presence.

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