The Endless Variety of Antique Clocks
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The fireplace has been at the heart of many many living rooms for hundreds of years. Nothing beats the traditional fireplace mantel than the look of a fine working antique clock standing elegantly on top. Of course, the mantel is not the only place that an antique clock would display in the home. There are wall clocks, longcase grandfather floor clocks, table or shelf clocks, carriage desk clocks and many more. In fact, when it comes to purchasing an antique clock, you will find that you are spoiled for choice.

Many different materials and designs and styles and colours gives the antique clock a fine chance of matching any modern home deco. If it's wood your after, there are some lovely examples of walnut, mahogany, oak or pine. If it's luxuriance you want then many of the antique French gilt ormolu bronze clocks display beautifully with their Palacial gold twinkle. These can also be made in brass or bronze, even silvered bronze.
Want to to fill up your mantel? Then why not get a full three piece clock garniture set, there are many different types and designs. Maybe an antique clock with a bit of colour, why not go for one of the many porcelain Sevres style clocks or Paris porcelain or even Champleve enamelled clocks, there are plenty of colours and scenes on these and they would compliment your home very much so.

Subject theme is also very distributed. There are figural clocks, scientific and historical themes, floral and foliage clocks even clocks made in honor of well known historical people.

Last but but not least is their practicality. Not only are they great decorative additions to the modern home but antique clocks have a practical use today as time keepers which everybody wants and needs in today's fast paced world. Automon clocks with moving scenes and parts are very fascinating and great engineering works with fine clockmaking features. There are clocks with bell strikes and gong strikes, even ones with musical tunes to give that added bit of enjoyment to the clock and remind the owner that it is still there doing its job.

Yes, the antique clock is surely a great addition to the modern home and the high quality, display and workmanship makes them very desirable today and a great investment compared with today's throw away society and cheap super fast production. They are unique in their own right and will be treasured for many more years to come.

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